Chemicals, financial markets reach a fork in the road

Either chemical markets are wrong or the financial markets are wrong, and obviously we think it’s the latter. People thought China was going to bounce back rapidly after Covid but China’s growth since 2008 was the product of massive stimulus and property speculation which couldn’t go on forever.

FAANG stock prices start to tumble as the tech bubble begins to burst

Since January, investors have begun to realise that the FAANG stocks were just as over-valued in December as during the dotcom bubble. Of course, hope springs eternal as we saw this month. History suggests we will see several ‘false dawns’ before the market finally bottoms.

Smartphone sales go ex-growth as consumers cut back

Consumers around the world are tightening their purses and cutting back on non-essentials as the impact of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Covid, the war, food shortages and rising interest rates – increases.

Smartphone sales set to tumble as China’s lockdowns continue

The market downturn couldn’t have come at a worse time for Apple. It was already facing major supply chain chaos in Q2. And now it has to face a major decline in the smartphone market itself. Inevitably this will lead to a brutal battle for market share as companies struggle to survive.

The trend is your friend in the smartphone market

Two core trends are playing out in the smartphone market, now it has gone ex-growth. The weaker players are suffering major hits to their revenue and profits. And the most successful company, Apple, is busy accelerating its move into the more service-based markets of the future.