Pathways to

New European legislation, along with increasing stakeholder and customer pressure, is set to challenge the petrochemicals industry on the issue of sustainability along its entire value chain.

It faces mounting pressure to reduce and/or mitigate its Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions. This new focus will involve the industry in moving beyond its existing activities to reduce emissions. It will require companies to actively develop, and implement, options to transition from fossil carbon feedstocks to renewables. In turn, this opens up exciting new opportunities for the introduction of new technologies and to turbocharge the rollout of circular business models to reduce plastics waste.

These developments will enable the industry to build closer relationships with its downstream stakeholders, including brand owners and waste companies, by going beyond its current focus on electrifying its steam-cracking operations for olefins production.

Existential crisis? Growth opportunity? Catalyst for restructuring?

This ground-breaking original New Normal analysis aims to promote debate and new activity in these vital areas for the future of the industry. Created by industry experts, each with decades of experience of running major European and global petrochemical businesses, it provides a detailed roadmap to help you position your business to survive and prosper in today’s New Normal world.