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The Chemicals Market Is Bearish – Stupendously Bearish | Paul Hodges
Blockworks (4 Nov 2022)
RealVision My Life in 4 Trades: Paul Hodges Believes Markets Will Refocus on Price Discovery
Paul Hodges believes markets will refocus on price discovery
RealVision: My Life in 4 Trades (3 Aug 2022)
FT Letters - Jackson Hole comment by Paul Hodges
‘The Financial Times’, Letters (26 Aug 2022) by Paul Hodges, Chairman, New Normal Consulting

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Nov PODCAST: Think Tank: High gas prices, shortages here to stay, Europe must adapt
  PODCAST: Think Tank: China demand outlook poor onshutdowns, pandemic policies
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Europe chemicals return to 2008/9, must switch swiftly to low carbon future
Oct PODCAST: Think Tank: Crisis worst in living memory, plan for a more complex world
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Sustainability dominates agenda but industry progress slow
  Scenario planning key amid volatility
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Europe petrochemicals face ‘winter of discontent’
Sept PODCAST: Think Tank: Demand collapsing in auto, construction end use markets
  Russian Gas Shortage Could Have Deep Reverberations Interview with GLG
  PODCAST: In the lion’s den: The effects of geopolitics on the financial markets Interview with Sawchuk Wealth
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Chemical distributors less exposed to downturn, still face tough Q4 in Europe
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Sliding fundamentals could reshape global chemicals production
Aug PODCAST: Think Tank: Chemicals must stay on low carbon track despite current crises
  Facing up to paradigm shifts – Premium interview
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Global chemical prices collapse, Europe prepares for dry summer, tough winter
  Haja resistência ao impacto – Plástico em revista interview
  Real Vision: Paul Hodges Believes Markets Will Refocus on Price Discovery
  SOAS PODCAST: China’s problems with faltering growth and rising debt
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Covestro profit warning, chemical price slump highlight H2 risks
Jul PODCAST: Think Tank: Messy supply chains complicate Europe gas rationing plans
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Gas rationing for chemicals, fertilizers likely in Europe this winter
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Chems sector resilient in Q2 but conditions forecast bleak for H2
Jun PODCAST: Think Tank: Europe, German chemicals face gas supply crisis
  PODCAST: Think Tank: INEOS project halt highlights Europe’s plight
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Chaotic fertilizer markets, weather events, could worsen food crisis

Paul Hodges Says Investors Should Stop Fed-Watching Real Vision podcast

RealVision interview: Paul Hodges Says Investors Should Stop Fed Watching
Paul Hodges Says Investors Should Stop Fed-Watching
RealVision: The Next Big Trades (7 Jun 2022)
May PODCAST: Think Tank: Europe propylene market drowns, faltering demand signals broader economic woes
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Europe chemicals could face short periods of gas rationing this winter

“Be Bloody Careful” As Recession Hits Europe and China RealVision (26 May 2022)

Apr This major industry may be signalling a recession Yahoo Finance
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Recycling and circular value chains could drive local pricing of plastics
  Ukraine, pandemic, herald market shifts
Mar A globalização esvaziou – Plástico em revista interview
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Companies face a new dawn as low-inflation era comes to an end
  PODCAST: Why petrochemicals won’t save oil demand Interview with Westwood Global Energy
  VIDEO/PODCAST: Russia and Ukraine: The big picture Interview with Sawchuk Wealth
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Oil price shock will hit margins, demand and economy
  Viewpoint: Sustainable business decisions The Chemical Engineer
  PODCAST: Think Tank: How chemical markets are reacting to Russian invasion of Ukraine
Feb Business not as usual Chemistry & Industry
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Ukraine conflict could hurt margins as costs soar amid falling demand
  Global Plastic Supply Chain Investors Line-up at First Close of Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastics Fund
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Chemicals demand growth detaches from GDP, gets complicated
  In the Lion’s Den Interview with Sawchuk Wealth
  The end of Peak China Asian Affairs
Jan Sostenibilita ed economia circolare come “cura” contro gli effetti della pandemia In Italian
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Stock market bubble may be about to burst
  O desmonte do passado – Plástico em revista interview
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Europe, US chemicals face China dominance in race for low carbon technology
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Supply chain crisis delaying inevitable downturn
  Plastics industry feedstocks at risk from the rise of Electric Vehicles
  PODCAST: Think Tank: More gas price volatility likely in winter 2022
Dec PODCAST: Think Tank: Economy, chemicals may switch from inflation to deflation in 2022
  Using chemistry to avert the tragedy of the oceans
  PODCAST: Think Tank: As China moves to self-sufficiency, expect scramble for global market share
Nov PODCAST: Think Tank: Omicron risks further supply chain and demand disruption
  PODCAST: Think Tank: EPCA president Hartwig Michels on the low carbon challenge and supply chain, logistics crisis
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Chemicals indicators point to global slowdown amid margin contraction
  PODCAST: Think Tank: COP26 highlights how chemicals must ‘wake up and smell the coffee’
Oct PODCAST: Think Tank: China property bubble burst could trigger global recession
  China in context: The exuberant lifestyle of Evergrande’s billionaire boss SOAS podcast
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Industry must banish inertia, reinvent itself for a low carbon future
  A look back from 2030 at the success of COP26
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Demand, supply chains face disruption from new China policy
  An end to the China bubble would risk a Minsky moment Financial Times letter
Sep PODCAST: Think Tank: Demand, supply chains face disruption from new China policy
  An end to the China bubble would risk a Minsky moment Financial Times letter
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Soaring energy prices disrupt fertilizer, chemical markets
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Evergrande debt crisis signals major reset for China
  PODCAST: Think Tank: American Chemistry Council’s Kevin Swift reflects on Storm Ida and a career in chemicals
Aug PODCAST: Think Tank: chemicals enjoy highest operating rate in 30 years despite pandemic, logistics disruption
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Logistics crisis could last for years, force more regional supply chains
  Pandemic accelerates business transformation
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Fear of shortages may fuel inventory building; expect H2 destocking
Jul Chemical Makers Are Booming as People Buy Ever More Stuff Bloomberg analysis
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Mushrooming carbon costs will push Europe chemicals to transform
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Chemical markets may have peaked, expect H2 slowdown
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Europe’s low carbon drive could revolutionise chemicals
Jun PODCAST: Think Tank: Can industry rise to the challenge of a low carbon future?
  Sustainability Gaining Momentum in Auto Markets Globally Real Vision video interview
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Chemicals need governments to take more action on climate
  Shell v Dutch Friends of the Earth, June 2021
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Don’t ignore demographics – they drive demand
May PODCAST: Think Tank: Plunging chemical prices could signal return to ‘normal’
  PODCAST: Think Tank: Petrochemical price inflation could switch to deflation
  PODCAST: As panic buying subsides, where next?
  Transforming Supply Chains The Chemical Engineer interview
Apr PODCAST: Joe Biden’s earth summit brings tipping point for industry
  PODCAST: Record-breaking chemical margins as logistics, supply crisis persists
  PODCAST: Pandemic has broken link to GDP for chemicals demand, new models required
  Shift in life expectancy puts a focus on retraining Financial Times letter
Mar PODCAST: Demand pushed in different directions by vaccine roll-out, supply chain disruption
  PODCAST: Hydrogen could hold the key to low carbon chemicals
  Chemicals on the threshold of a dramatic transformation CHEManager interview
  PODCAST: Markets distorted by logistics and panic buying, but underlying optimism seen for 2021
  PODCAST: Ramp up of recycling held back by technology, poor collection, inertia
Feb Weak Demand and the Return to “Normal” Illusion — Live with Paul Hodges Real Vision interview
  PODCAST: US Gulf Coast storm outages risk global supply crunch
  PODCAST: Gulf petrochemicals special focus with GPCA secretary general Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun
  Um novo tempo In Portuguese
  PODCAST: Drive to lower carbon means no new steam crackers after 2030
Jan PODCAST: Chemical sector must step up circular investments from tens to hundreds of millions
  L’Industria del PET va online In Italian
  PODCAST: Europe chemicals face €1bn 2021 carbon bill as global action intensifies
  PODCAST: Biden ushers in global era of low carbon
  Brexit’s Red Tape Is Just Beginning New York Times
  Look for Winners and Losers in 2021
  PODCAST: Faltering China chemicals signal caution for 2021
Dec PODCAST: Brexit like a slow puncture as investment gets diverted elsewhere
  PODCAST: Economists more optimistic, but logistics risks a threat to chemicals
  PODCAST: ExxonMobil write downs signal end of fossil fuels, need for new thinking in chemicals
Nov PODCAST: New Asia trade bloc is good news for China chemicals, disaster for US
  PODCAST: Chemical market disruptions will persist, despite vaccine progress
  PODCAST: US election – Trump versus Biden on chemicals
Oct Real Vision: The Global Macro Litmus Test — Live With Paul Hodges
  PODCAST: China’s key planning meeting has huge implications
  PODCAST: Dr Dark, after Dark. Macro, Chemicals & Innovation
  PODCAST: UK-EU27 chemicals face severe Brexit disruption with or without a deal
  PODCAST: EPCA CEO Caroline CiuCiu – Capturing growth from sustainability tops agenda
  Pandemic redraws the map
  PODCAST: EPCA president Marc Schuller – Pandemic has accelerated pre-existing trends
Sep PODCAST: China bounce back may be on shaky foundations
  PODCAST: Europe refineries, petrochemicals may close as demand fails to recover
  Sustainability can boost the impact of stimulus packages
  PODCAST: Why ‘peak oil’ may coincide with ‘peak plastic’
  PODCAST: No-deal Brexit increasingly likely from January 2021
  PODCAST: Downturn began in 2017 and has accelerated
Aug PODCAST: China flooding displaces 60m people, $40bn in damage, hindering recovery
  PODCAST: Virus vaccine could be years away so pivot now for permanent changes in demand
  PODCAST: focus on radical new business models to survive
Jul June’s data suggests only a weak recovery – India ET TV interview
  Road to recovery? – Fx Strategies video interview
  PODCAST: EU €800/t plastic waste tax supports recycling, may drive product substitution
  PODCAST: Coronavirus boosts digitisation in chemicals R&D, new manufacturing technologies
  PODCAST: Chemicals demand is improving, but recovery a long way off
  The Top 5 pandemic paradigm shifts
Jun The New Normal for global industry – Real Vision video interview
  PODCAST: BP disposal raises questions over petchems as oil and gas sector lifeline
  5 major paradigm shifts will impact industry and markets Video interview
  PODCAST: Is the global recession really just because of Covid-19?
  PODCAST: Chemicals could face L-shaped recovery, rapid shift from oil to renewables
  PODCAST: Virus to accelerate China self-sufficiency in chemicals, overcapacity elsewhere
  PODCAST: Ethylene cycle points to project cancellations, overcapacity
  PODCAST: Optimism for June/July may be misplaced, focus on remodelling business
May PODCAST: Chemicals to be squeezed between rising costs, collapsing demand
  PODCAST: Sustainability’s importance to grow after the pandemic as supply chains become local
  PODCAST: Next steps for chemicals amid pandemic – ICIS advisory board
  PODCAST: As lockdowns are eased, identify pockets of demand, long-term trends
  Coronavirus dims chemistry job market prospects
  PODCAST: New data shows depth of downturn – expect steep contraction for chemicals
Apr The bill for two decades of doomed stimulus measures is due Financial Times letter
  PODCAST: New data shows depth of downturn – expect steep contraction for chemicals
  PODCAST: Era of cost-advantaged ethane crackers ends
  Industry needs wartime focus on meeting basic needs
Mar A new recession era to emerge
  PODCAST: Businesses need to plan for collapse in demand, prolonged downturn
  Crude collapse to crush US petchem advantage, virus spread boosts global recession risk
  PODCAST: Expect global recession, disruption to chemicals and other major markets after oil crash
Feb Virus slams stocks
Jan Synchronised slowdown to persist in 2020
Dec Automakers face stiff headwinds in big emerging markets Financial Times beyondbrics
Oct Chemicals face paradigm shift
Aug China’s renminbi and the global ring of fire Financial Times beyondbrics
  Asian petrochemical profits slammed by trade war crossfire, oversupply Reuters
  It’s time for companies to take control on Brexit
Jun Resilience amid headwinds is key
May Por trás da cara pintada Plásticos em revista interview
Apr Don’t get carried away by Beijing’s stimulus FT Beyondbrics
Mar Stormy weather ahead for chemicals
  Paul Hodges on chemical industry challenges podcast
  Are your clients ready for Brexit? Accountancy Age
  Kopieermachine van Britse handelsminister hapert Het Financieele Dagblad
Feb The BoE’s pre-emptive strike is not without risk Financial Times letter
Jan CEOs need new business models amid downturn
  Prepare now for synchronised global downturn YouTube video interview
Dec Brexit will not be decided before Christmas Channel 4 News
  Government edits own documents to remove claim no-deal Brexit is ‘unlikely’ Sky News
  UK businesses not ready for Brexit Sunday Express
  Small businesses urged to prepare for hard Brexit Daily Mail
  BBC Radio Kent interview with Paul Hodges on Brexit
  All roads lead to No Deal Breaking News
Nov Brexit worsens global recession risk ICIS podcast
  The global economy: key indicators pointing to just how bad things are MoneyWeek podcast
  Will UK house prices ever rise again?
  BBC News interview with Paul Hodges on Brexit
  Chemical output signals trouble for global economy FT Beyondbrics
Oct Petrochemicals face multiple challenges ICIS news podcast interview with Paul Hodges
  Is your business ready for Brexit?
Sep Financial crises and the five stages of loss Financial Times letter
Jul US-China tariffs could lead to global Polyethylene price war
Jun Recycling moves up the agenda
  Recycle revolution
May Polymer recycling comes of age
  China’s lending bubble is history FT Beyondbrics
  Nada será como antes
Mar Goodbye to business as usual model
  Sustainability and the circular economy create major new opportunities YouTube video interview
Feb Older workers are looking for something more Financial Times letter
  China’s role in market volatility FT Beyondbrics
Jan Oil, interest rates, debt and protectionism highlight risks for 2018
  The return of volatility is the key market risk for 2018 YouTube video interview
Dec Anything to declare?
  Anti-pollution drive hits China’s role as global growth engine FT Beyondbrics
Nov Brexit reality hits U.K. chemical companies
  Verso una produzione sostenibile
Oct Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision 2030’ is looking a lot less clear FT Beyondbrics
  Hurricane Harvey marks new beginning for the chemical industry
  Too early to count the cost of Hurricane Harvey YouTube video interview
Sep Baby boomers’ spending decline has hit demand and inflation Financial Times letter
Aug Investors ponder further shocks after N Korea jolt Reuters interview
  China’s used cars put a dent in global industry FT Beyondbrics
Jul O negócio é largar na frente plásticos em revista
Jun Supply chains to shift from global to local
  What’s May’s car-crash election means for us all MoneyWeek cover story
  Supply chains go local as BabyBoomers age YouTube video interview
  China’s changed priorities indicate end to stimulus FT Beyondbrics
Apr Ageing boomers are no longer spending Financial Times letter
Mar US polyethylene exports on front-line in the War of Words
  Trump, China in War of Words on trade YouTube video
Feb The effectiveness and impact of post-2008 UK monetary policy Evidence to UK Treasury Committee Inquiry
Jan 2017 will see further rise in protectionism
  What the New Year may hold in store for investors MoneyWeek Round Table
  Supply/demand fundamentals set to challenge central banks YouTube video interview
  Demographics are critical to economic forecasting Andy Haldane (Chief Economist, Bank of England)
Dec A new strategy for profit
Nov Forget the IMF: global chemicals are your guide to future performance Financial Times
  Italy’s referendum is next test for Eurozone stability
  Industry needs new strategy to spread benefits of globalisation
Oct Fed’s economic models applied to a past era Financial Times letter
  Markets struggle with political risk
  Hope is not a strategy YouTube video interview
  Hope is not a strategy Chemical industry analysis
Sep What is wrong with a little deflation? Portfolio Adviser podcast
  Quantitative Easing could become the next subprime
  Shifting population driving economics FT Adviser
  You’ve seen the Great Unwinding; get ready for the Great Reckoning Financial Times
Aug Brexit risks for the UK economy EuroMoney interview
  Oil price to sink back to $30 a barrel Interactive Investor
  Demand – the New Direction for profit Premium magazine
Jul Auto sales and the oil price: the Great Unwinding continues Financial Times
  Polymers face challenging times
  Adapting to changing global demographics
May Chemical industry is best indicator of EM outlook – and the outlook is not good Financial Times
Apr Saudi Arabia’s Aramco valued at more than $1tn ahead of flotation Daily Telegraph
  Saudi Aramco to become holding company Wall Street Journal
Mar Demand – the new direction for profit
  Oil price rise unsustainable YouTube video interview
  China’s rising exports: less about growth, more about exporting deflation Financial Times
Feb If only the central banks could print babies Financial Timess
  China’s lending bubble is being deflated Financial Times
  The world’s economy soared last year (or plunged) New York Times
Jan The Great Unwind will continue MoneyWeek Outlook for 2016
  Painful return to reality beckons
  Expect $25-$30/bbl oil and lower chemical prices in 2016 YouTube interview
  Mudou a fase da lua
Dec Xi in Paris: all part of China’s New Normal Financial Times blog post
Oct Investing in oil is a slippery slope Financial Times report
  Commodity bubble pops as China model changes
  Printed money won’t save us MoneyWeek interview
  The wave of immigration is a positive thing MoneyWeek video interview
Sep Chemicals chaos
  Europe’s migrant influx threatens Shengen BBC World Business Report interview
Jul Supply chain revolution is on the way Video interview
Jun Europe can win despite age trends
May Business models have to change as BabyBoom dividend ends Video interview
Apr A toxic combination for economic policy
  Emerging markets: a Great Unravelling
Mar ‘No country for young men’ Nick Ferrari, LBC, radio interview
  Low oil is here to stay
  O peso da idade Interview in Portuguese
  Oil prices have further to fall YouTube video interview
Feb Oil price collapse brings deflation closer
Jan Winners and losers in the New Normal
  How to invest during the Great Unwinding MoneyWeek video interview by Merryn Somerset Webb
  MoneyWeek feature article
  Oil price collapse and China slowdown create New Normal world YouTube video interview
Dec Oil prices keep bouncing down the stairs A ‘pH Report’ Research Note
  A great unwinding
  Aging Europe needs the migrants it doesn’t want
Nov Employment Outlook – getting back to work
  The Great Unwinding is underway
  Saudi Arabia needs much lower oil prices Research Note
Oct Too many unanswered questions on China growth Financial Times
  The Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus is underway Research Note
  Time to look forwards, not back
  European companies and investors are missing a major growth opportunity video interview
Sep China’s economic transformation
Jul The economic impact of today’s major demographic changes Euromoney video interview
Jun US housing hit by demographic shift
  Here today and gone tomorrow? A simple guide to China’s world of trade finance
May Geopolitics and demand
  China accelerates reform of its financial sector Research Note
Apr Population aging creates capital repayment risk for government bonds Allianz Project M magazine
  US shale gas expansions highlight lack of demand YouTube interview
Mar Will market forces start to play a role in China? Research Note
  US boom is a dangerous game
  Demographics drive demand, and fertility rates are falling  
Feb China bank lending: From $1tn to $10tn and back again Research Note
Jan Plan for a volatile world
Nov Iran talks offer hope
Oct Deal with union prevents closing of Scottish plant New York Times
  Last-ditch scramble to save Grangemouth Financial Times front page headline story
  Unite union to make last-ditch attempt to save plant and 800 jobs Daily Telegraph
  This is the end of constant growth
  Ageing populations create new opportunities YouTube interview  
Sep The tide is turning on chemical growth
Aug Sinopec’s big picture strategy
  A flap of a butterfly’s wings to freeze the UK economy
  Fair play at work
Jul Women in the US labour force
  Ageing UK population will have lower economic growth  
  Population Problems Barron’s letter
  Oil markets risk rapid repricing as Japan stimulates Research Note
  Demography drives business volatility
May Population problems
Apr The impact of the central banks’ stimulus programmes on oil markets Conference presentation
  Ageing boomers change demand patterns
Mar Sustaining Growth as the West Arrives at the Demographic Cliff Conference keynote presentation
Feb Risks to growth overshadow ‘false dawn’ on financial markets
  The impact of an ageing population on GDP UK Treasury Committee evidence  
Jan Global economy faces tough 2013
  2013 Outlook – Challenges and Opportunities Video interview
  Happy 55th Birthday, Mr and Ms Average BabyBoomer Financial Times
Dec MONEY WEEK video tutorial on the importance of demographics
  Growth won’t save us, there won’t be any Money Week
  Could 2013 be the year of BabyBoom doom?
  CNBC Africa interview on the impact of the New Normal on demand patterns Video interview
Nov Demographics slowdown hits company results
  Industry must respond to changing demographics
Oct The cost of growing old frugally Financial Times
  US economy: Demographics the ‘silent witness’ RESEARCH NOTE
  The global economy: Demographics the ‘silent witness’ RESEARCH NOTE
  UK Economy: Demographics the ‘silent witness’ RESEARCH NOTE
  Purchasing in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world
  Central banks make the downturn worse
  Major recession ahead warns leading industry consultant
Sep Central banks will make global downturn worse RESEARCH NOTE
  The New Retirement (US radio interview podcast)
  How the West’s ageing population is already altering stock market returns
Aug An end to constant growth
Jun Auto sector needs new direction
  A window on the outlook
May Prepare for a New Normal
Apr A road map for success
Mar New policies needed to restore growth
  Chinese want affordability not luxury Financial Times letter
Feb New ways of manufacturing will be vital (video interview)
  A changing landscape – issues for manufacturers
  Oil price highs mean trouble lies ahead
  The products of the future – doing more with less
Jan Welcome to Austeria
  Policy makers should learn from their mistakes (video interview)
Nov Time to alter strategy (includes video interview)
  BabyBoomers change the markets
  Don’t rely on Asia to save the chemical industry (video interview)
  The risks to China and India growth
Oct Middle East companies aim to capture emerging markets
  The outlook for Q4 and beyond (video interview)
  Longer-term strategies needed
Sep ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ (YouTube video interview)
  ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’
  ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ (YouTube video interview)
  Boom, Gloom and the New Normal – Chapter 5
  The influence of demographics on future demand Interview
  New Normal challenges firms to think differently
  The golden age of the boomers is gone – for ever Financial Times letter
Aug The world in 2021 (YouTube video interview)
  The world in 2021
  Boom, Gloom and the New Normal – Chapter 4
Jul Boom, Gloom and the New Normal – Chapter 3
  Oil prices distorted by Wall Street’s computer trading (YouTube video interview)
  Oil prices distorted by computer trading
  Future great chemical companies need long-term thinking
Jun Chemical demand demographics are changing rapidly (YouTube video interview)
  Boom, Gloom and the New Normal – Chapter 2
  The financial crisis and the New Normal
  China plastic demand slump may crimp Asian naphtha demand
May Global economy entering New Normal (YouTube video interview)
  The Challenges of the New Normal
  Boom, Gloom and the New Normal – Chapter 1
  Welcome to Austeria – 4 risks to chemical company profits
Apr High oil price means chemicals market heading for major downturn (YouTube video interview)
Mar Middle East uprising can impact your chemistry job
Jan Time is Ripe to Plan for Uncertainty
  Survive by Planning for Uncertainty YouTube video interview
  INSIGHT – Taking Time to Consider Alternative Futures
  Budgeting for Uncertainty – the New White Paper
Dec Crude likely to fall on slow economic growth
  Petrobras leads project development in Latin America
Nov Benzene buyers need to evaulate sourcing strategies YouTube video interview
Oct NiTech wins ICIS Innovation Award
  Recovery is supply-driven YouTube video interview
  Changes leave the markets in turmoil
  Major changes underway in chemical markets YouTube video interview
Sep Riskiness of bonds may be over-inflated Financial Times article
Aug Dr Ralf Kuhlmann joins IeC
  The real bottom line is what we need
Jul View American Chemical Society webinar on the H2 Outlook
  US Institute for Supply Management – summary of the mid-year White Paper Update
Jun Petchem upturn may just be temporary respite
  Budgeting for a New Normal
  A mid-year White Paper Update
Apr Strategies for success in the US petchem and polymer business YouTube Video interview
  Be a winner, not a victim
Mar The need for Innovation during the downturn YouTube Video interview
Feb ‘Budgeting for a New Normal’ White Paper (5MB)
Jan Restocking not the same as Recovery
  Paul Hodges’s chemical industry outlookYouTube Video interview
  Prepare for the great petchem marathon
  Recession prompts shift in chemical company strategies
Dec Downturn prompts chemical strategy shift
Nov Bloomberg, ICIS reports on IeC Amsterdam Conference
  Strong crude weighs on Asian chemicals demand
Oct New reality for chemicals
Sep How to tell if your company is in financial trouble, or recovering
  Reducing energy costs in the water industry
Aug The China question
Jul Chemicals sector struggles in recession
Apr IeC’s Paul Hodges to judge annual ICIS Innovation Awards
  Restocking begins but the downturn continues
Mar Low-cost operation key to survival
  Radio interview with IeC’s Paul Hodges
  Interview summary
Feb Domino effect fears over chemical industry
  Coping with oil price volatility
Jan The CEO’s checklist for survival
Nov Financial Times recognises IeC “warned of coming downturn”
  European demand to be more robust in downturn
  The “crystal blog” foresaw the global financial crisis
Oct Petrochemicals: capacity crunch
  Weaker oil prices – a mixed blessing
Sep Credit crunch causes demand destruction (radio interview)
  Polymer demand hit by credit crunch, over-capacity
Aug Integration will be key
  How significantly will the petchem world change?
  Only the strongest will prosper
Jul Capacity grows despite slowdown
  A mood swing in aromatics
Jun Chemicals feel the wind of change
  Crunch time for non-integrated petchem producers
Apr Building your defenses
Mar Europe chems get jitters due to weak dollar
Feb How to run a business during a recession
Nov Farewell ICI
  Chem makers can expect naphtha battle
Oct US credit crisis could spread
Sep A logistical nightmare