The blog’s 5th birthday

The blog today celebrates its fifth birthday. Its 1400 posts since the June 2007 launch have covered a wide range of subjects. And one thing is certainly true. There has never been a shortage of topics to cover.

Readership has also continued to grow very steadily. As the map shows, the blog is now read in 145 countries, and 6433 cities. And one of its great pleasures is meeting readers all over the world, when it travels to meetings and is invited to speak at conferences.

Reader loyalty is also incredibly strong. 54% now visit at least once a week. And 42% visit at least twice a week. This loyalty has supported a wide range of related initiatives:

• Its Budget Outlooks at the start of the year remain extremely popular
Chemicals and the Economy webinars are organised every 6 months by the American Chemical Society. The next is on 12 July
• ICIS Chemical Business regularly features its analysis of key topics
• Workshops are also held in all major regions for readers and companies

Over the past year, of course, the blog has also been publishing its new eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’ with fellow-blogger John Richardson:

• This describes the impact of changing demographics on the global economy and chemical demand patterns. And it presents clear strategies for success in the transition to the New Normal that is now underway
• 15,000 readers have already downloaded the book. Whilst several major companies are using its analysis to develop winning strategies for their future business

The blog would like to thank all its readers for your continued support.

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