Challenge Workshops

“Net Zero calls for nothing less than a complete transformation of how we produce, transport and consume energy.”

International Energy Agency, May 2021

Challenge Workshops on reaching Net Zero targets from New Normal Consulting

What does Net Zero mean for my business?
The future is going to be very different for many industries and companies.

The chemical industry highlights key issues involved in reducing CO₂ emissions to meet Net Zero targets.

  • Upstream, its existing feedstocks are likely to disappear as the use of fossil fuels is phased out.
  • Downstream, major changes are already taking place in consumer demand as the transport fleet is electrified.

Its major investors are already pushing for rapid change in order to avoid the risk of being left with stranded assets. They also want to see an acceleration of the transition to recycled feedstocks.

This has become mission-critical in order to replace fossil fuels as these are phased out, and to meet legislator and customer targets for dealing with plastic waste.

In essence, it is clear that a tipping point has been reached. Companies therefore need to accelerate their transformation plans, to protect their license to operate and build profitable new business for the future.

The move to Net Zero will create Winners and Losers. 
Our Challenge Workshop will enable your business to become a Winner.

What you will gain from the Workshop

  • Our Challenge Workshop will be tailor-made for your business.
  • It will be led by our team of highly experienced, senior industry professionals. 
  • It will use expert analysis from major research institutes, and the International Energy Agency, to develop relevant scenarios out to 2025/2030, and beyond if necessary.
  • The end result will be a robust strategic roadmap for your business, and a clear Action Plan with agreed timelines for its implementation.

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