European auto sales to fall 16% in 2009

Euroautos 2008.jpg
European auto sales fell 8.4% in 2008, versus 2007. Sales of 13.56m autos were just ahead of the USA’s 13.2m. European volumes continue on a worsening trend, with December down 19% versus last year:
• Spanish sales were down 50%
• Sweden was down 45%
• The UK was down 21%
• The Netherlands were down 19%
• France was down 16%
• Italy was down 12%
• Germany was down 6%
Against the pace of the current decline, JD Power’s forecast (above) of just a 16% sales decline in 2009 looks optimistic. Chemical companies will be hoping it is right.

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  1. European auto sales slide continues

    European auto sales fell 25% in January, according to JD Power. This equals an annualised rate of just 11m cars, the lowest since the early 1990’s. 13.6m were sold in 2008. And although the forecaster hopes for some improvement later…

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