2017 Global outlook – ACS webinar on Thursday

ACS Jun17

My 6-monthly webinar for the American Chemical Society is on Thursday at 2pm EDT – please click here to register for this free event.  It will focus on two key topics:

  How does a market adapt in the face of declining growth?  Many different sectors across the chemical industry are in a state of oversupply and surplus capacity which has resulted in a slowing of production in multiple areas.
  In addition, the global balance of the oil market is shifting with OPEC losing its control on the market, China sending signals that its years of incredible growth are winding to a close and the impact of Brexit intensifying

Please join me and Bill Carroll, former Chair of the ACS Board, as we share our usual 6-mnthly update on the factors affecting the market and what these mean for you.

Click here to register for this free ACS Webinar at 2pm on Thursday

What You Will Learn
  Why the oil market is on shaky ground, and how that could lead to major geopolitical tensions where prices could fall back to median historical levels
  Why global reflation may be a myth due to China’s prioritization of pollution clean-up as a flagship policy
  Why we must “be prepared” and expect the unexpected as a winning strategy for the rest of 2017

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