The last few days

Many new readers have turned to the blog, to better understand what is happening in the financial world, and to chemicals demand. They might like to start with the 7 September posting, which forecast the current collapse: ‘The price of all assets will go down’
Also, here is a list of recent postings:
Financial crisis
US to follow UK in buying bank shares
‘Incompetence and denial’
Iceland calls in IMF
Europe, N America, China cut interest rates
The zeitgeist continues to change
The time for piecemeal solutions is past
UK part-nationalises its major banks
The Swedish model
Bailout bill passes, Wall Street falls
Housing crisis and chemical demand
Credit crunch causes demand destruction
Auto markets face ‘outright collapse’ in 2009
Demand and prices in free fall’Blue skies disappear
US car sales plummet, house prices fall again
Shell’s priorities for the gathering economic storm
Akzo halts share buybacks
And finally, for those who would like a break from it all:
A satirical look at the banking crisis

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