The blog in 2010

Blog Dec10.pngThe blog’s readership continues to grow. It is now read in 133 countries and 4362 cities, compared to 121 countries and 1244 cities a year ago. Readers also remain very loyal, with 24% reading it twice a week, and spending an average of 1.5 minutes on each visit.
As the map above shows, readership continues to cover all the main areas of chemical production. The list of Top 10 countries now reads USA, UK, Germany, China, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey, France and Belgium, with Italy, S Korea and Japan close behind.
The blog has branched out this year, publishing two White Papers for the first time. These provided more details on the blog’s annual Budget Outlook, Budgeting for the New Normal. They have been most enthusiastically received, with over 10000 downloads from around the world.
The blog aims “to share ideas about the influences that may shape the chemical industry over the next 12 – 18 months”, and so it focuses on:
• The major companies
• Key consumer industries, including housing and autos
• Economic data such as GDP, industrial production and exports
• Developments in oil and financial markets
980 posts have been made in total, with 282 written in 2010.
One area that has also attracted great interest is the potential transition to the New Normal. What will this mean for chemical industry demand in 2011? The blog will therefore be covering this key area in a new White Paper, due to be published on Monday. I hope you will find it valuable.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

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