The Top 5 pandemic paradigm shifts

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the fundamental changes which were already underway in global markets, as I discuss in a new interview with Will Beacham of I.C.I.S.

Companies and investors need to focus on the challenges and opportunities created by 5 major paradigm shifts as we move into the New Normal. These will impact individual markets – and collectively, completely change the way that business is done.

In turn, they will create major opportunities for everyone willing to respond to the challenges they create:

  • Energy abundance – consistently low oil prices will remove the need to be supply-driven
  • Changing patterns of demand – customer segmentation will be key to success
  • Global supply chains will be replaced by local supply
  • The circular economy will provide a major boost to growth
  • Modern manufacturing – digital, continuous and bio-enabled technology will be critical for manufacturing success

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