New White Paper now available

We face more uncertainty today than I have ever seen over the past 30 years.
Will last year’s strong performance in terms of profit continue? Or will higher oil prices ruin the party?
Might China’s demand slow, as the government there worries about rising inflation?
How will European demand be impacted as governments switch from stimulus programmes to austerity?
Equally, what will happen in the USA, where we will have a Republican Congress up against a Democrat President for the first time in a decade?
Demographics are also likely to play a key role as we move towards the New Normal. The majority of the BabyBoomer generation (those people born between 1946-70), will soon be in the 55+ age group, when people typically spend less and save more. How will this massive shift by the wealthiest generation in history impact demand?
The Blog’s new White Paper aims to help your company manage this uncertainy, as we transition to the New Normal. It focuses on the benefits of Scenario Planning, as a way of highlighting the key issues. Please click here if you would like to download a free copy.
I hope you will find it helpful.

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