Major changes underway in chemicals markets

ICB Sept10.pngThis week’s ICIS Chemical Business includes the blog’s article on the changes taking place in global markets for ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene and paraxylene. These have a potential impact on buyers and sellers all the way down the various value chains.
The article updates the blog’s major series on these issues in the summer, and also links to the demographic changes now underway in the West. It suggests that “prudent producers and consumers might want to develop a Scenario-based approach to future planning, that includes further development of the analysis set out“.
Please click here to download a free copy of the article. And please click here to see the YouTube interview with Will Beacham, ICB deputy editor, which explores some of the key issues in more detail.

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    Benzene has always been the blog’s favourite indicator for the economic outlook. It has the most number of applications, due to its head-start in being a major product when coal was the main feedstock. Equally, paraxylene (PX) is an excellent…

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