Luxury brands launch half-price sales

Pucci bag.jpgA year ago, the blog brought news that July’s Paris fashion sales were seeing prices reduced by 70% on shoes, bags and dresses. Today, the slowing global economy is apparently leading to even more bargains.
According to the Financial Times, “desperate times are forcing the likes of Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Jimmy Choo to launch half-price sales”. An Armani leather jacket is now “only” £1250 (€1500, $2000). Burberry clutch bags are “just” £500 (€600, $800). Smythson, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Radley are all offering discounts of up to 50%.
There is even a secret French website, offering up to 70% off luxury brands in one-off sales. No doubt my fellow blogger, Barbara, is already a member. (photo:

2 thoughts on “Luxury brands launch half-price sales”

  1. Great idea – do you know any of the relevant PR people? What would suit me better – a Pucci clutch bag, or an Armani jacket?
    Seriously, though, the blog mentions many brands and companies in its postings. But it receives no payment – in kind or in cash from anyone – either for mentioning them, or for not mentioning them. And it would never accept any payment, for obvious reasons of personal integrity.
    This post was sourced, as it states, from the FT. You could ask them the same question, if you like, and I’m sure they’ll give you the same answer. In fact, I would imagine that at least some of the companies mentioned were unhappy that their image of selling only at full price had been exposed.

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