Canada’s ‘waste plastics’ worth $792m/year as fuel

Plastic waste.pngCanada’s plastics industry has published important new research about the potential value of waste plastic.

At the moment, any plastic not recycled goes to landfill – which is both costly and negative for the environment. Now their new research shows that Canada’s waste plastics could instead:

• Produce 9mbd of oil equivalent hydrocarbons (worth $792m today) via the use of currently available pyrolysis technologies. This is enough to run 600 cars each year
• Alternatively, it could be separated from other wastes and burnt as fuel in power stations. This would supply electricity to 500k households each year

The research is a good example of the benefits of ‘doing more with less’, as one of the study’s authors, Prof Murray E Haight notes:

“Plastics, being hydrocarbons, have energy values substantially higher than coal and almost as high as natural gas and oil”

Anyone looking for a new business opportunity in Canada, or elsewhere, may have just found what they need.

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