ACS webinar on Brexit and the challenges of over-supply

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ACS Jul16Chemistry and the Economy: 2016 Mid-year review

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) is causing major upheaval in financial markets as investors rush to supposedly “safe havens”. This is highlighting the underlying slowdown in demand growth caused by globally ageing populations.

What does this mean for the chemical and pharma industry? Can we still rely on the supply-driven strategies of the past? Or do we need to reinvent our business and investment strategies?

Please join me and Bill Carroll, former Chair of the ACS Board, as we discuss these critical issues in my next ‘Chemistry and the Economy’ webinar for the American Chemical Society.

The webinar takes place on Thursday @ 2pm – 3pm Eastern US Time

Free registration is at Chemistry & the Economy: 2016 Mid-Year Review

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