Oil markets risk rapid repricing – Part 2

As the blog discussed yesterday, central banks have now kept oil prices above the historical $10-30/bbl range for 10 years. But can they remain there forever? What might bring them back in line with the fundamentals …
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Policymakers seek simple answers to complex issues

3 years ago, two Harvard professors published a book with the eye-catching title, “This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly”. Marketed as “the landmark work of financial crises”, it went straight …
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US economy transitions to the New Normal

The above chart from the Wall Street Journal highlights the major change that has already taken place in the US economy as it transitions to the New Normal. The black line shows the …
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Affordability now the key to future success

The ‘middle ground’ was the place to be to capture maximum profits during the Boomer-led SuperCycle between 1983-2007. But now, people have less money to spend, and credit conditions are tighter. So …
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India’s auto sales enter the New Normal

India is the 3rd largest Asian auto market after China and Japan, and a year ago its automobile association was confidently forecasting annual demand growth of 10%-12%. Instead, sales have fallen 7% (India …
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